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Se Ring Stretcher And Reducer Jt148rr

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Adjust the size of different rings with ease using the SE JT148RR Ring Stretcher and Reducer. You can increase and decrease the sizes of rings quickly and accurately. You can save time by using this product rather than adjusting the size by hand. With the stretcher (top part): you can size your ring, typically a band (not recommended for rings with prongs, as it can easily open up your prongs, making the setting of your ring loose), a small amount quickly. With the reducer (the bottom part): you can size your ring, typically a band, a small amount quickly with this reducer.

1. Anneal your band.
2. Pickle it.
3. After placing the ring onto the stretcher rod, compare the size reading on the rod to your ring mandrel reading (all mandrel sizing is different from brand to brand so make a note of the variance if there is one).
4. Slowly push the lever until you feel resistance, at that point very gently push the lever.
5. Flip the ring over and repeat.
6. Check ring size frequently on your mandrel to avoid stretching your ring out too much.
7. Reshape if it has warping.
8. Refinish the ring.

Please note:
-If the ring has a stone, you must stop and study your stone to make sure it is compatible with this item.
-Before using the stretcher/reducer, you should anneal your ring.
-It is not recommend to make a large change in sizing. It is also not recommended to use this for rings that have stones in them because altering the size may make the setting less secure. If you use it on a ring that has a stone set, you should do so carefully, mindfully, and at your own risk.

SE is committed to providing the customer with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness of our SE JT148RR Ring Stretcher and Reducer.

IPR Rights Notice:
Important: Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine SE products come with the SE logo on the packaging.

SE is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.


- Increase the size of rings
- Decrease the size of rings
- Adjust ring sizes quickly and accurately
- Save time compared to adjusting size by hand
- Great for jewelry shops, repair stores, and personal use

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  • 	Lucas 	Martinez
    16 February, 2020

    Lucas Martinez

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    16 February, 2020

    Brock Robinson

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    16 February, 2020

    Aaron Garcia

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  • 	Lachlan 	Martin
    18 February, 2020

    Lachlan Martin

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  • 	Peter 	Wilson
    16 February, 2020

    Peter Wilson

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SE Ring Stretcher and Reducer - JT148RR
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