Open a bank credit card. How to open an ANZ bank credit card

ANZ is one of the foreign banks with a long-standing interest in the international market. ANZ has officially launched credit card products. Currently, ANZ issues about 5 types of credit cards for all customers, but the income requirements are still high compared to average income. Maybe the low income is one reason why ANZ has issued such a late credit card after many years of foundation in some countries.

Conditions for making an ANZ credit card

What is installment loan? Bank loan. Open a bank account

Aged 18 years and older

Income required

For standard ANZ credit cards: Minimum income of about $ 400 / month

With a gold ANZ credit card: Minimum income is about $ 800 / month.
Credit Cards ANZ Platinum, ANZ Travel Platinum: Minimum income is about $ 1,000 / month.

ANZ Signature Priority Banking Credit Card: Must be a Signature Priority Banking customer of the bank to register.
→ Full limits, fees and offers of ANZ credit cards.

Procedures for making an ANZ credit card

1. Proof of identification and residential address

Passport, lawful residence visa / temporary residence card or work permit.

2. Proof of income of main cardholder (in the form of salary transferred via bank)

The employment contract defines the position, salary and contract term

Bank account statement showing the last 3 months salary.
If you are self-employed, the following requirements are required: Business license, income tax payment receipt for the latest 6 months or tax statement for the last 2 years; Bank account statement in the name of the business for the last 6 months.

Not only will your ANZ credit card save you money, but it can also help you "make money" because with every spending from your ANZ credit card, you will receive a maximum 5% refund. That is, for every $ 100 purchased with an ANZ credit card, you'll get a $ 5 refund; Many times such a refund is certainly not a small number. If you want to know how much credit cards save you, compare the credit cards of more than 50 banks today, choose the right one and use it for a "planned" time. then surely you will not have the opportunity to "impose" your frustration on it.

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