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Installment loan is a form of borrowing money that customers will be borrowing and have to pay interest and principal on terms, the same amount of money paid in each period. For a consumer loan loan, you do not need to mortgage assets like other loan types.

Open a bank credit card. How to open an ANZ bank credit card

Typically, the repayment period is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, the loan term must be consistent with the production and business cycle and the ability to repay the debt according to the repayment period in the loan term.




The amount of debt will be repaid each month, reducing the burden of debt repayment for borrowers.
Help customers quickly access loans without having to mortgage assets, can easily purchase goods and services for consumption.
Flexible repayment for both principal and interest from 12 to 60 months.
Quick, flexible loan repayments can amount up to a lot depending on your profile.
Loan terms, simple documents, quick appraisal, receive money immediately after 30 minutes of application is approved.
Competitive loan interest, attractive
Paying interest and flexible principal payment by weekly, monthly, customers can also pay the contract in advance, only need to pay interest on the actual number of days.
All customer information and loans are completely confidential.
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What are the types of installment loans?




Installment loan products are designed for all customers who have consumer needs, shopping for goods and utilities for life at the points of sale that are partners of the lender.

Characteristics of installment purchase loans:

Installment loan with very preferential interest rate
Loans with low limits, flexible prepayment from only $ 0
Flexible loan period, from 6 to 36 months
 Simple file (ID card - Household registration book)
There is NO service charge or application processing fee
This is a popular product for young people because they will own the favorite item even if they don't have enough money. Lenders (usually financial companies) will "advance" the money to the seller so you can receive your favorite items. You are obliged to repay each month with the amount of money committed in the contract.

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HOW IS 0% Installment Loan?


Recently, there has been a boom in the form of "LOAN WITH INTEREST RATE 0%". And this form of lending has proved its advantages right from the time it was first put into use, both benefiting consumers and keeping the interests of the seller, if the transparency policy is right. with what was communicated.

It is very simple to understand 0% installments that customers will be able to purchase, installment installments with 0% interest rate, meaning that after that time, the amount to buy 0% installments is not greater than when paying off immediately head.

0% interest installment loans are created thanks to the handshake of profit sharing between financial companies and sales units and manufacturers. Retailers realize that with the finance company lending at 0% interest, the profit per product may decrease slightly but sales will increase by selling more products.

However, customers who buy 0% interest installments will have to buy loan insurance to ensure their repayment ability.

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Monthly installment loan is one of the unsecured mortgage loan packages. Help customers with demand for cash loans can borrow to spend and use for their own purposes, which when paying the debt in the form of monthly installments in accordance with the ability and practical conditions.

With installment loan, customers can borrow up to $ 5000. Many banks and financial companies lend more than that if customers prove their financial capacity and ability to pay debts.

Currently, loan products of banks are calculated with interest in 2 ways as follows:

How to calculate interest on the principal balance
Interest calculation on reducing balance


In order to use the tool, customers need to know the loan amount, loan term, interest rate, loan repayment method. The tool will calculate and display the results:

Amount paid in the first month
Total interest payable
total money you have to pay
Customers can select "View loan repayment schedule" to see the details of the amount to be paid each month.

Cash loan repayment products SHOULD be borrowed in case of needing a large amount of money to implement the plan to buy a house, a car ... when not saving enough money. Only borrow about 30% of the value of the house to buy to ensure the ability to pay debt on time.



From the above analysis, give advice to customers who are considering whether to installment loan or not as follows:


Customers have a stable income, ensuring the ability to repay
Purchase installments to serve the essential needs of your life such as phones, laptops, tablets, washing machines, refrigerators ...


Customers who do not have financial stability and economic capacity to meet the monthly repayments are best not to borrow on installments.
Installment loans to race against technology





Currently, there are many units of loan with installments with very competitive and attractive interest rates. In order to limit the risk of borrowing a black credit, customers should choose reputable banks ... if they want to borrow on installments. For details of the installment loan packages of banks, please click the link to find out:

TOP 10+ banks with the lowest interest installment loan rates today.


Loan term is one of the important factors when making loan installments. If you have low income, you should extend the loan term to reduce the amount of monthly payments.

According to the survey, most customers with average income often borrow from installments from 6 months to 1 year. For customers with better incomes, they often choose a short installment period (usually from 3 to 6 months) to pay less interest and comfortable psychology, not having to worry about debt.

On the other hand, before borrowing, you should carefully calculate your monthly income, principal, interest payable, penalty fee ... At the same time calculate how much money a month will spend to pay capital and interest for the company finance, the remaining money will spend how reasonable.

According to financial experts, you should calculate so that the amount to pay monthly debt only accounts for 10% - 15% of income per month. Because of the money after paying the debt, you have to spend on daily expenses such as eating, drinking, gas, shopping ... and financial provision if you ever get sick, sick ...

When taking out a loan, the counselor will help you calculate how much you have to pay each month so you have the financial balance to decide how much is most appropriate.



Customers often use this form of loan to carry out big projects such as car loan, house purchase ...

If you are planning on a car loan, the experience in the article below will help you be more proactive in loan planning, as well as prevent risky situations.

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Not only does it cost a lot of money to buy a car, but it is also a huge amount. When you need to buy a house, very few people wait until they have accumulated 100% of the money needed to own a dream home, so many people have chosen to buy a home loan. The amount of a home loan is often very large, so customers should note a few things to make the loan repayment process go smoothly:

Note when buying a home loan interest rate of 0%
5 years of experience buying a safe apartment
Note when buying a home loan for 20 years.
Concluding valuable experiences when buying a home loan



To attract more customers to use credit card products, many banks have implemented the attractive 0% Interest Installment Plan. For regular shoppers, this is one of the most preferred credit card offers.

When making a loan repayment via credit card, customers will receive many benefits such as:

Having just borrowed on installment loans, and also enjoyed promotions, gifts / discounts of affiliates affiliated to the bank where customers opened the card
Unlike other financial service packages, customers do not need to prove their monthly income or pay in advance.
Customers only need to prepare simple paperwork, no identity card, no driver's license, household registration, utility bill ...
The installment purchase term is flexibly adjusted for 6 months or 12 months ...
However, this form also has some disadvantages as follows:

Customers are easily out of control, resulting in overspending
Failure to pay the debt on time will be charged a penalty with very high interest rates
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Should students borrow for installments?


Students are subjects who do not have a stable income, most of them still have to receive allowances from their families to cover living and tuition. So, with those financially dependent students, you should limit your loan repayments to avoid accumulating debt, so your parents will have to pay off the loan to help you.

For those who want to buy computers and phones to study, you should consult your parents before making loan repayments, and you should buy at the beginning of the school year to receive more incentives, reduce expenses. purchase fee.

As for students who have to work, have a bit of their own capital, it should calculate after deducting all living expenses, the remaining amount is. If you have extra money left over, you can think of it as a loan. However, you should only buy things that are really important and necessary for a reasonable price.

Where is a student loan loan without collateral?
Support loan for buying motorbike for students with low interest rates.



Customers who prove that they can earn income and provide all the necessary documents but are in the process of repaying debts at another organization are also very difficult to borrow to repay loans.



Some customers will be rejected when making loan repayments:

There is a bad CIC score
Unable to prove income
Missing papers or unclear papers
Customers who are using installment loans at other organizations



Customers can borrow loan by installments online. Customers can borrow cash in installments online or buy online installments by credit card.

Installment loans online - Smart, effective financial solution.
Where can I borrow money on credit installments online?



If you pay off your loan in installments, it is easy to get a bad credit rating. At that time, it will be difficult for you to borrow more in the next time.

On the other hand, if you fail to pay the debt, the customer will be prosecuted for criminal liability if the lender initiates a lawsuit.

What happens when you buy on installments and then disappear?



The answer is "NO", you must pay the debt according to the contract term. In case of prepayment, you will be charged about 3 - 4% of the remaining amount, depending on the lender.

Paying debt before due, why customers are still charged a penalty?
Installment loan is an effective solution to help customers solve all financial difficulties.

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