LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 8GB Raspbian Quick Start Kit

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Loverpi Raspberry Pi 3 B 8gb Raspbian Quick Start Kit

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What's Included:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Mini Computer
  • MicroSD Card pre-flashed with Raspbian Desktop (No NOOBS, No Setup Necessary)
  • MicroSD to SD Card Adapter
  • LoveRPi® Performance Heatsink Set

Additional Recommended Components:

  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • Certified 5.25V 2.5A MicroUSB Power Supply with Power Switch
  • HDMI Cable

If the red LED on the board blinks or turns off at any time after you have connected power, your power supply may be inadequate. You will experience a lightning icon on the top right of the screen and/or stability issues.

MicroSD card has multiple partitions. The boot partition is ~50MB and the operating system partition is hidden in Windows. To see it, run diskmgmt.msc.

- QUICK ONE MINUTE SETUP WITH RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B+ MINI COMPUTER: The best kit for upgraders and newbies on a budget to get going quickly without the guesswork and hassles of flashing and setup. Boot into Raspberry Pi's recommend Raspbian Desktop OS by plugging your existing monitor, power supply, and keyboard/mouse. Pi 3 B+ is new and improved for 2018 with faster CPU/GPU performance, advanced 5GHz AC WiFi 5, Bluetooth Low Energy, Power-over-Ethernet capable Gigabit Ethernet, more!
- ARMED WITH IMPROVEMENTS: The SoC at the heart of the board has been re-designed to improve performance by over 30%. The metal heatspreader allows it to run at the top speed of 1.4GHz for longer than the previous model.
- IMPROVED WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Improvements to antenna design and connectivity brings 5GHz WiFi AC for nearly 5X the WiFi performance than the previous 2.4GHz WiFi N in the Pi 3 Model B. New Bluetooth 4.2 support reduces power consumption, increases battery life of smart IoT devices, and raises security and privacy.
- GET STARTED QUICKLY: LoveRPi Quick Start Kit saves time by including a pre-loaded MicroSD card with the latest Raspbian desktop to get you running, learning, and doing without the hassles of downloading and flashing images. Raspbian includes applications for science, math, engineering, programming, drawing, and even Minecraft Pi Edition! Great for classroom and businesses looking to save time and money.
- BETTER PERFORMANCE: Our quick peel & stick Performance Heatsink Set makes installation a breeze and lets your Raspberry Pi run at maximum speed for longer and faster. It has clearance to be compatible with LoveRPi Power-Over-Ethernet HAT and Active Cooling Media Center PC Case.

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Customer Reviews

LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 8GB Raspbian Quick Start Kit
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By 642 Customers

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